Reducing high blood cholesterol, is thus an important way to reduce the chances of suffering a CVD event. Since the early statin randomised controlled trials were reported in the 1990s, several reviews of the effects of statins have been published highlighting their benefits particularly in people with a past history of CVD. Benefits include a reduction in CVD events. Dating events Davey is a synthesis of the medical research on a particular subject.

Clinical trials are research studies involving people who use services, which compare a new or different type of treatment with the best treatment currently available. They test whether the new or different treatment is safe, effective and any better than what already exists. The group in a study that does not receive the intervention that is being investigated. Duration of treatment was a minimum one year and with follow-up of a minimum of six months. Statins are likely to be cost-effective in primary prevention.

CVD is an important goal of pharmacotherapy. Previous reviews of the effects of statins have highlighted their benefits in people with CVD. Data is the information collected through research. It can include written information, numbers, sounds and pictures. To assess the effects, both harms and benefits, of statins in people with no history of CVD.